Who are we?

The Networking Alliance consists of three organizations Women’s Networking Alliance (founded in 2007), Men's Networking Alliance (founded in 2015) and our new Co-Ed Chapter! All organizations are built on a solid foundation of enabling, empowering and supporting growth. As we continue to grow, maintaining this foundation and ensuring we stay true to our mission is critical.

If you are a business owner looking for a real networking organization that demonstrates care, interest and support, we just might be the perfect networking group for you.

Interested in joining?  Start the process by visiting a chapter that doesn't already have someone representing your business type.

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Benefits of our organization:

  • Meetings are every three weeks for approximately 1.5 hours with an agenda that encourages involvement from all members.
  • It’s not a “free for all”. We aren't open to everyone and anyone. The chapter presidents are looking for women and men that are truly interested in collaboration and partnership; not people that are just in a group to get a quick referral. Because of that, you are going to find quality as opposed to quantity. 
  • We limit the number of members to each chapter to 30.  We believe in genuine relationship building not speed networking.
  • Dues are affordable at just $200 a year, $150 for board members and chapter presidents and national board members are free while in office.
  • No politics or pressure to submit leads/referrals.  This naturally happens on its own, we don't need a requirement.


Our Mission Statement

We provide a supportive environment which is fun, inspiring and enables the growth of the members as professional business owners.


  • Work together to develop our small businesses by sharing ideas, resources and successes.

  • Support one another with leads and referrals for potential sales and/or networking opportunities.

  • Become more educated within our group by working through subject matter experts to expand our knowledge in all facets of our personal and business lives.

  • Give back to our community.

  • Be “all in” by attending meetings, supporting other members and representing WNA. 

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Thank you for visiting our site!  If you're looking to join, please 

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